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 Welcome Back to the Future!

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PostSubject: Welcome Back to the Future!   Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:34 pm

The site is very much a work in progress. I'll be working to make the look of the blog and the forum be a bit more cohesive. I don't have many plans for the site, but MrsPaprika wanted to start writing some anime reviews and we wanted to try to revive the old animeindepth site, see if anyone from the past would stumble upon the old url and join us on this new adventure.

If there's anyone out there, feel free to stop by and join us. Let us know what directions you think we should take this anime fan site and forum. It has seemed like forums have become a bit antiquated, so I'd love to hear people's suggestions of how to make it more engaging or what new forums a fan community should take.

I'm happy to see any face, new or old, and hope you'll stop by for a while.

See you next time space cowboys.
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Welcome Back to the Future!
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